Top Tips to Make a New Exercise Regime Work

Beginning a new exercise regime can be daunting as thought of digging out old trainers and overhauling a diet that’s still in its Christmas period can be tough, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Finding the right balance between exercise and nutrition can help to get the best fitness results.

Regular exercise has been known to strengthen the lungs, improve mood, relieve stress and burn calories, which keeps the metabolism functioning at its best. Here are some useful tips that can help to get the most out of a new workout regime;

Take Baby Steps

The “go hard or go home” approach to exercise isn’t always the best for sustaining momentum as generally speaking, when people go about it too aggressively early in their program, they tend not to stick with it in the long run. Taking small steps can help to build up stamina and encourage the body’s potential with every workout. Taking supplements such as Omega 3 contains numerous health benefits as they contain high levels of omega-3 fatty acids, particularly EPA & DHA. It is considered an “essential fatty acid” due to its essential role in brain function, inflammation and growth, providing you with a better quality of living and helping to look after the body whilst training.

Mix it Up

Sticking with one workout can become tedious and eventually fail to further improve physique as the body becomes used to the routine. Mix it up by trying a variety of aerobic and strength exercises to stay healthy or improve health. Supplements such as caffeine, acts as a stimulant that targets the heart, muscles and the areas that regulate blood pressure. These capsules can help to increase every-day performance by activating fat stores and encouraging working muscles to convert it to fuel. Bringing a friend or partner along for a workout every once in a while can also help to encourage longer workouts and different exercise regimes.

Fit it Around your Schedule

Health experts recommend that on average people should be aiming for around 150 minutes a week of exercise (up to 30 minutes a day, five times a week). Although the minutes may appear excessive for a person with a hectic lifestyle there are ways to ensure exercise becomes part of your day-to-day routine; such as breaking up the thirty minutes into three ten minute sessions throughout the day with a quick walk, household chores, yoga, riding a bicycle etc. Tracking workouts can also be useful, as using a journal or app makes it easier to schedule short workouts and record progress. Supplements that contain stimulants such as Metabolism Formula capsules help to boost energy levels to help the body burn fat more efficiently and decrease food cravings continuing progress even when busy.

Be Realistic

When starting a new exercise regime it is important to be internally motivated as it makes it easier to stick with realistic goals. Being self-motivated helps to avoid outside negativity and keeps within the body’s limits, allowing it to gradually get healthier. Getting discouraged by something beyond personal limitations only prevents a workout from progressing. Taking Detox Cleanse capsules, which contains Psyllium Husk, helps to support colon cleansing and is a common high fibre laxative. It can help to reduce the volume of injurious organisms that excess the body therefore purifying the cleansing system, helping the body to feel lighter and refreshed.

5 Tips for Summer Cycling

As this year’s entrants in the Tour De France can attest, cycling in hot weather is challenging for the body. Here’s how to work with the heat to maximise the effectiveness of a summer cycling workout:

  1. Stay cool

Hydrate fully before setting off for a cycling session to reduce the risk of dehydration in hot weather. Pop bottled beverages in the freezer so they remain cold for as long as possible during training and select electrolyte drinks, which are useful for maintaining an even concentration of sugars and salts in the body.  Ride in the morning or evening to avoid the severe heat of the day but if it can’t be avoided be sure to apply plenty of sunscreen to exposed areas. Pay close attention to the forearms, tops of the ears, nose and legs to protect the skin from sunburn.

2. Eat a high carbohydrate diet

Prior to a race it’s important to eat a high carbohydrate meal so the body can store it up and turn it into energy during your ride. Slow release carbs like pasta and bread make the perfect energy reserves but they must be eaten 2 to 3 hours before a race to give the body time to break them down. During the race energy drinks with a high glucose content are better because the body doesn’t need time to convert them into energy.

3. Set an achievable pace

Cycling in the hot weather takes its toll on the body, even if you’ve eaten well. Handle heat stress by taking it slowly and gently increasing your efforts so you can meet your expectations. For an extra shot of energy, caffeine supplements and NitroMax Pro can provide a quick energy boost, reduce fatigue and increase the flow of oxygen through the body.

4. Prepare for all weathers

Always prepare for rain – take a lightweight jacket in case of summer drizzles and showers. Select a hot weather helmet to keep your head cool as well as safe and remain aware that road surfaces may become unstable and soft during very hot weather.

5. Rest to repair

Branch Chain Amino Acids increase protein synthesis, help the body to retain muscle and promote tissue repair, creating the perfect post-exercise supplement. Combine this with a protein shake or snack, eaten within 30 minutes of the end of a cycle ride, to encourage recovery. Then be sure to incorporate some down time into your cycling regime to allow the body to rest and recuperate. Structured rest and regular sleep is vital to maximising the intensity of a workout and reducing illness and fatigue. Fish oils are also useful for boosting the immune system and keeping the body fit and healthy for upcoming races.

Cycling is a fantastic exercise for losing weight, improving co-ordination and boosting muscle strength. Plus, it’s lots more fun when the weather decided to play ball.