Easing stress with supplements

Stress occurs when your body and mind is under too much mental or emotional pressure. It can present itself in a number of ways from weight loss, fatigue and headaches to sleeping problems, low self-esteem and even physical ailments like high blood pressure.

Here are some supplements that can help to ease stress:


Ideal for reducing anxiety and promoting a restful sleep, magnesium is useful to take just before bedtime if you’re having trouble nodding off. It also neutralises stomach acids, preventing painful indigestion that can often hinder a peaceful night of slumber.

B vitamins

Shown to improve the mood and enhance a general feeling of well-being, B Vitamins such as folic acid and Vitamin B12 have an impact on reducing stress levels when taken regularly over an extended period.

Omega 3 fish oils

Found in oily fish, such as mackerel, fresh tuna and sardines, Omega 3 oils are a useful anti-inflammatory that help to relieve muscle and joint pain that can often be a source of stress for older people who find it difficult to move around. Also found in flax seeds, these oils boost memory function too.


Herbal remedy ginseng is often used in Aryuvedic medicine and is perfect for combating fatigue and exhaustion. A tired body hampers the immune system, which can trigger anxiety and stress, so preventing fatigue is vital to beating stress. Ginseng also balances serotonin (the body’s happy hormone) and dopamine as well as supporting the immune system.

Other ways to reduce stress include taking regular exercise and meditating. Planning and managing your time better can also help curb stress because it prevents you from coming into contact with common triggers. Supplements can help protect your body from stress and fill in small nutrient gaps in your diet. Taken in conjunction with a healthy diet, supplements can play an important part in managing anxiety and stress.

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