Top Five Ways to Take Your Workout Outside

Exercising outdoors is a fantastic way to add some variety to a routine workout. Here are five ideas on how to workout outside:

1. Use the natural terrain to increase intensity

Take the opportunity to jog outside – it’s a completely different experience to running on a treadmill at the gym and will give the body an extra boost of Vitamin D! Running in the park or cycling on a track with plenty of natural inclines, obstacles and plateaus increases the heart rate and introduces some much-needed change to a tired exercise plan. However, be aware that it may take some time to adjust to the outdoor temperature. A routine run will feel harder to complete in the summer sun, so starting off easy and gradually increasing intensity is advised. Wearing a SPF15 sun cream is essential to protecting the skin from UV rays, and taking a bottle of water along will prevent dehydration.

2. Create a pick n mix routine

Combine push ups, squats and burpees into a run to make it more challenging. Stop at every park bench to complete 10 reps of a chosen activity or do 10 lunges whenever a red car appears on a circuit round the block. Using your body weight as resistance helps to build muscle without the need for extra equipment. Boost stamina by taking protein powder beforehand to enhance endurance and improve athletic ability.

3. Join a group

Bypass traditional forms of exercise like running and cycling and go for a group activity like basketball, football or even rowing. Exercise buddies make fantastic competitors and provide extra support for when the going gets tough. Combat fatigue with Testero NTSHO to ensure the game doesn’t have to stop too early.

4. Rev up resistance training

Come up with a resistance training routine that can be completed outside. Park benches are perfect for push-ups and dips, grassy areas are ideal for side leaps and monkey bars are useful for doing hanging crunches. Be inventive with a workout and use everything outside as a tool to improving strength and stability, such as rocks, tree roots, branches or logs.

5. Take a timer

For effective high intensity interval training (HIIT) a timer is essential. Combine reps of jumping jacks and mountain climbers with 3 minutes of jump rope before starting over again from the beginning. Intense bursts of activity when combined with periods of rest are perfect for improving aerobic capacity and burning calories. Timers are useful for keeping track of each movement on an outdoor HIIT circuit. Vitamin C supports this type of intense training by improving circulation and reducing fatigue and exhaustion.

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