Love Your Life. 4 Supplements for a Longer Life

Taking care of the body by exercising regularly and eating the right foods is the best investment for a long life. Combine this with some key supplements that boost energy levels, prevent disease and improve brain function and you have the recipe for a healthy future.

Here are four fantastic supplements that encourage longevity of life:

  1. Vitamin C for healthy skin and fewer colds

A great antioxidant, Vitamin C is believed to protect the body against harmful free radicals that are linked to cancer, heart disease and arthritis. It also promotes the production of collagen that helps the skin to look young, encourages wounds to heal quickly and increases iron absorption. Lots of people take Vitamin C supplements to prevent or reduce the duration of common colds too.

  1. Fish Oils for brain function

Fish oils are great for sharpening up the memory and improving mental acuity. Regularly taking a fish oil supplement that includes omega-3 fatty acids, like Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA), may also prevent or slow down the onset of dementia, according to recent studies. DHA, which is also found in trout, mussels, salmon and mackerel, is a concentrated fat that the brain needs to perform cognitive functions like walking, driving and running. Even young people who have good memories can benefit from taking fish oils; it’s a great investment for future brain health.

  1. Vitamin D for bones and cancer prevention

Vitamin D helps the body to absorb calcium, which keeps bones healthy. Vitamin D deficiency can lead to bone deformities and diseases like osteoporosis, osteomalacia and rickets. Some studies have shown that a deficiency in this vital vitamin could even increase the risk of heart disease, diabetes and bowel cancer. The body either generates Vitamin D from direct exposure to sunlight or obtains it through food sources like eggs, oily fish and fortified cereals. However, it is hard to get enough Vitamin D from food alone, or even from the sun in parts of the world that experience a wane in sunshine over the winter months. The government recommends that those who are at risk of Vitamin D deficiency, such as people over the age of 65, should take a daily supplement.

  1. Resveratrol to protect the heart

Inflammation within the body can lead to blood clots that block the flow of blood to the heart resulting in heart conditions. Resveratrol is a phenol compound that’s naturally found in foods like blueberries, peanuts, mulberries and grapes, which can reduce inflammation of the heart. Taking a supplement could therefore help to maintain a healthy heart and reduce the risk of heart disease, angina and heart attack.

Combining exercise and healthy eating with the right supplements is the best way to live a longer life and ensure that the body feels just as young as the heart!

Why it’s Important to Set Realistic Goals

No one likes to fail. But many of us set ourselves unrealistic targets when it comes to fitness and inevitably fall at the first hurdle.

Everybody aims to lose three stone in a week, visit the gym every day and never touch refined sugars and carbohydrates ever again. However, by creating these impractical goals we set ourselves up for failure – guilt is boosted, motivation is curbed and the endorphin-releasing benefits of a good workout are lost.

Here’s how your customers can prevent that from happening:

By being honest about abilities and goals

Setting initial goals that are easily achieved creates momentum and boosts motivation. It’s normal to feel disheartened when impossible targets can’t be met. Simple objectives, such as doing five extra reps or running five more minutes at the next workout session are really useful starting points to build upon. Slowly increasing each fitness goal as ability levels improve make each one feel that much more attainable and improves stamina, strength and muscle mass over the long term.

By buddying up

Exercising with a friend makes fitness training more fun. Fixing joint gym dates, attending classes and discussing fitness goals with a buddy can be inspiring. Plus it pushes people forward to do better, creates competition and becomes a social activity rather than a solitary chore. Supplements like Amino Acid Complex with Glutamine can improve performance, deliver a better workout and retain muscle mass, helping consumers to make the most out of that 30 minute exercise routine.

Making a visual diary

Before and after pictures make fantastic incentives to keep moving upwards and onwards with fitness targets. Collecting daily photos and comparing them after a month will highlight the positive changes to muscle definition and weight loss that have occurred after intense resistance training. Taking Testero NTSHO and Power Whey Protein encourages muscle growth and support recovery in between weight training, making them a duo of indispensable supplements for body sculpting.

Creating a motivation board

Placing inspirational quotes, photos and pictures on the wall can remind people to stick to fitness goals and give them the drive to continue upping their targets. If they want to lose weight for a wedding or special event, posting the invitation up somewhere in sight will revive their waning dedication to their ultimate fitness goal. Combining regular exercise with the Xecut Shred XTFM boosts the metabolism, increases energy and promotes body fat reduction; it’s a useful supplement for sustained slimming.

By using these 4 pointers to set realistic goals you customers are less likely to quit their new training and health routine. With a mixture of helpful supplements and motivation, clients will be on their way to achieving their objective.

4 Supplements to Keep You Looking Good This Valentine’s

The holiday of romance is upon us. With almost three quarters of the UK population planning on celebrating Valentine’s Day this year, sales of chocolates and flowers are expected to sky rocket. However, there’s more to making the most of February 14th than giving gifts –everybody wants to look their best for their sweetheart on Valentine’s Day so here are some ideas you can recommend to your love-struck customers:

  1. Vitamin E and Co-Enzyme Q10

Perfect for repairing the skin, Vitamin E is a fantastic supplement for people who are passionate about protecting their complexion. This fantastic antioxidant encourages collagen production, smooths the skin and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It is ideal for preventing cellular damage and reducing the risk of premature ageing, great news for customers that want their skin to look youthful and refreshed for their Valentine. Vitamin E can’t be produced by the body so it is essential that customers eat foods that are rich in Vitamin E, like broccoli, avocado, tofu or spinach, or take a hassle-free supplement. Co-Enzyme Q10 is another antioxidant that promotes cell renewal by neutralising free radicals that create wrinkles and lines. Combine these two supplements to create a rejuvenating duo that safeguards skin from damage

  1. Hair, Skin and Nails Formula

This superb mix of vitamins and minerals encourages hair growth, strengthens the nails and adds a touch of radiance to the skin. The formula delivers nutrients to the hair follicles, nail bed and dermis to produce glossier hair, durable nails and blemish-free skin, making it a fantastic February pick-me-up.

  1. Omega 3,6 & 9

Regularly taking Omega 3, 6 & 9 fatty acids can help to maintain healthy skin and reduce the risk of heart disease. Although fatty acids are present in some types of oily fish, such as tuna and mackerel, most people don’t eat enough fish to acquire a sufficient amount in their diet. That’s where supplements come in – they’re easy to combine into an existing healthy diet, and help to enhance the appearance and texture of the skin in a short period of time.

  1. Power Whey Protein

Protein is vital for building muscle, slimming down the physique and improving athletic performance. Taking protein powder before or after a workout enhances endurance and boosts muscle mass, ensuring that the body appears leaner, fitter and toned. Recommend this XFN product to clients who are keen to enhance their weight training workout and attain better results. Provide a selection of health and beauty supplements to your customers and help them to create a personalised plan that meets their individual needs this Valentine’s.